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Areas of Practice

Wills, Trusts and Estates

At Delafield, McGee and Jones, P.C., we assist individuals and families in attaining their goals. In the area of personal legal planning, we tailor the basic tools available to best protect you and help you reach those goals. These tools include wills, living trusts, living wills, powers of attorney, durable health care powers, and others, as appropriate. There are thousands of variations — the key to planning is to know what works for you. >>>Learn more.

Elder Law

Long Term Care Issues, Medicaid, Trusts, Nursing Home Care, Preservation of Asssets

As America's population ages and the costs of providing care for the elderly rise, both federal and state governments have increased their involvement in the way these costs are borne. The resulting regulations affect individuals and families who are in the difficult process of making decisions about long-term care, Medicaid trusts, nursing home care, and the preservation of assets. There is no arm of the law that is changing faster, or that has a greater impact on a family's financial well-being.

At Delafield, McGee & Jones, P.C., we assist our clients in evaluating their family situation to minimize the impact of the regulations in effect at the time. Some of these decisions include asset transfers, nursing home selection, and assistance with DPW forms. To learn more about Elder Law in the Commonwealth of PA, please click here.

Estate Administration

We assist decedent's families and beneficiaries in the settlement of estates. We work with the Executor or Administrator of the estate in the inventory of assets, payment of bills, preparing Inheritance Tax returns, Family Settlement Agreements, Accountings, and in distribution of Property to the beneficiaries.

Real Estate

We are pleased to offer complete legal services for your residential and commercial real estate transactions, whether you are a buyer or seller, or are simply doing a loan with your real estate as collateral. We offer full settlement services with title insurance. We also handle document preparation, including deeds, leases, agreements of sale, subdivision documents, condominium documentation and the like. If you have a real estate question, we are pleased to assist you.

Litigation in Orphan's Court

The Orphan's Court is the court which handles matters involving powers of attorney, trusts, and estates. Will contests, challenges to the actions of trustees and executors, compelling accountings, and similar issues are all decided by the Orphan's Court. Delafield, McGee & Jones, P.C. is experienced in handling these cases. We represent the interests of our clients and raise all issues relevant to the matter in dispute.